Rumford Hunting & Fishing Club
What's Happening?
MA online game check-in is active!
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T Shirts , Hats and Stickers
These are for sale at all meetings and club events. ---------
Bay State
Trading Post
RI 2nd Amendment Coalition
Our club supports the efforts of this group. The
coalition fights for the rights of RI gun owners.
Don't take these rights for granted! For more info, or to
donate, visit
" A free people ought not only be armed
and disciplined but they should have
sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain
a status of independence from any who
might harm them, which would include
their own government."
George Washington
Club Gun Raffle
Congrats to Dave Paon for winning the AR15! The next
Gun raffle will start in August and tickets will be
available at all meetings or through a member of the
Club Surf & Turf!
The club Surf & Turf was a huge success! We sold
280 tickets and had plenty of help. Great job to
everyone involved.
Club Pig Roast!
The club Pig Roast is Saturday September 13th.
Tickets will be available at the first meeting in
Club newsletter
The newest club newsletter is now posted on the
members page.