Rumford Hunting & Fishing Club
What's Happening?
MA online game check-in is active!
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Mass Online check-in information
Club Calendar
T Shirts , Hats and Stickers
These are for sale at all meetings and club events. ---------
Bay State
Trading Post
RI 2nd Amendment Coalition
Our club supports the efforts of this group. The
coalition fights for the rights of RI gun owners.
Don't take these rights for granted! For more info, or to
donate, visit
" A free people ought not only be armed
and disciplined but they should have
sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain
a status of independence from any who
might harm them, which would include
their own government."
George Washington
Club roster updated
The club roster has been updated. The link is on the
member page. If you have a change in address or
phone number please email the webmaster or contact
Jon Parker so we can update.
Event dates are set!
Check out the events link on the member page for all
event dates in 2014.
Officers and committees set
Officers and Committee members have been set for
2014. See the member page for more info.
Game Dinner!
The annual Game Dinner will be held on Sunday
March 23rd at Francis Farms in Rehoboth.
The event is sold out
Club Work Party!!!
There will be a work party at the club on April 13th at
7am. Lunch will be provided. We will be cutting wood,
cleaning the club and working on the backstop. We
need as many hands as possible.